Smart Charging Infrastructure Solution

Optimizing Charging Service and Energy Efficiency

Optimizing Charging Service and Energy Efficiency

Delta offers a highly versatile portfolio including DC fast chargers, AC chargers, and EV charging infrastructure management systems. To address the increasing prevalence of EVs, our smart-charging solutions combine distributed energy resources to optimize charging services and energy efficiency.


Renewable Energy


Energy Storage



EV Charging



Management System

Smart Charging Infrastructure Solution

Renewable Energy Sources

Solar power is a suitable energy source that helps charging stations reduce their dependence on grid power and allowing them to further optimize their electricity usage and reduce costs.


​Delta provides a series of residential and commercial photovoltaic inverters that can convert solar power to AC power with max. 99% energy efficiency. This, in addition to the standard grid, can be utilized to supply energy to connected EV chargers or energy storage devices.

Energy Storage System

To prevent sudden impacts on the grid, an energy storage system combining a power conditioning system (PCS) with a battery system can help EV charging station with peak shaving and load shifting functionality.


The Delta Power Conditioning System (PCS) is a bi-directional energy conversion inverter that converts power between energy storage and grid and manages power quality. Featuring high availability and configurability, it supports grid applications and controls energy dispatch exactly when required.

EV Chargers

Delta offers a series of AC and DC chargers from 7 kW (AC) for home charging, 22 kW (AC) and 25 kW (DC) for commercial charging, to 100 and 150 kW (DC) public fast charging.


With different power ratings, interfaces, OCPP protocol support, and authorization management, Delta’s EV chargers are suitable for all charging sites and applications, providing better features for EV drivers.

Management System

Delta’s EV Charging Infrastructure Management System is a web-based intuitive system for medium-scale charging station in building and other facilities where 20 to 50 sets of EV chargers are installed. It is designed to facilitate EV charging operations management, including support for multi-site charging networks. The system’s smart energy management features are specifically designed to optimize site energy usage.

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