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AC MAX, 22-kW AC charger

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AC Charger

Delta AC chargers have a power output ranging from 7 to 22 kW. Featuring a compact design, global charging interface support, user authorization capability, and easy installation, our AC chargers are perfectly suited for both commercial and home charging.


AC MAX is a smart AC charger with 22kW output and featuring a universal charging interface. With IP55 / IK10 and compact design, the AC MAX is perfectly suited to outdoor and space-limited sites. Supporting the advanced ISO 15118 standard, network connectivity and compatibility with latest OCPP, AC MAX allows full interoperability with existing system integration and is the ideal solution for commercial and residential charging sites.

Max. 22kW Output AC Charger
Available in NA, EMEA, TW, SEA, AU, CN, JP markets.
AC Mini Plus
7kW Output AC Charger
Available in EMEA, TW, SEA, AU markets.
AC Mini
9.6kW Output AC Charger
Available in NA market.
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DC Charger

Delta’s DC chargers portfolio ranges from a power output of 25 to 200 kW. With high power efficiency as well as multiple configuration and charging interface options, our DC chargers can optimize the operating costs of public and commercial charging services across many installation sites.

City Charger

City Charger is an ideal solution for high efficiency urban charging service. It supports simultaneous charging output and load distribution to optimize utilization rate of the charger. City Charger is compatible with OCPP, which allows further backend system integration like user management, remote control and energy management.
DC Wallbox
25 kW Dual Output DC Wallbox Charger
Available in NA, EMEA, TW, SEA, AU, JP markets.
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City Charger
50 / 100 / 200 kW Dual Output DC Charger

Available in NA, TW, SEA, AU, JP markets.
Ultra-Fast Charger
200 kW 4 Output DC Fast Charger
Available in EMEA markets.

DeltaGrid® EVM

To help charging service providers balance electricity safety, reasonable costs and service accessibility when building EV charging infrastructure, Delta includes EV chargers into the scope of load management and energy dispatching from the perspective of high-energy-consuming equipment. By charger grouping, prioritization, and scheduling to limit the maximum current output and leverage time-of-use electricity prices, DeltaGrid® EVM ensures reliable charging services under existing power facilities.By going further to integrate energy storage and solar systems, we can capitalize on the advantages of peak shaving, PV self-consumption, and off-peak electricity load shifting.

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