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Residential Charging

Start Everyday Fully Charged

Equip Your Home with Private Charging Infrastructure


Easily Accessible

Charging Facilities

With chargers in your home or apartment, you will never experience the anxiety of searching for a public charging station again.


Minimize Obstacles

during Construction

AC chargers are safe for home charging, come at a reasonable cost, and take up little space.


Manage User Authentication and Billing

Because our chargers have the capability for user authentication and connection to a back-end system, users will only ever be billed for their own charging sessions.

Our Recommendations

Available in NA, EMEA, TW, SEA, AU, CN, JP
AC Mini Plus
Available in EMEA, TW, SEA, AU
DeltaGrid® EVM
Residential Product

EV Charging at Your Residence


7–22-kW Home Chargers

Reduce impact on your household grid

Overnight charging with AC chargers allows you to charge your EV using existing household infrastructure, meanwhile ensuring little impact on household electricity consumption.


User Authentication for Shared Parking Spaces

Secure access and reasonable cost allocation

Our chargers come with a built-in RFID reader and/or credit card reader, in addition to ISO 15118 compliance for user authentication, ensuring that usage rights will be managed appropriately.

EVCS_AC Series_Residential_Key Visual_202212 (1).jpg

OCPP Compliance for Management Systems

High interoperability for condo back-end management

Standard protocols and built-in connectivity enable remote monitoring and control, allowing charger information to be integrated into back-end systems at residential apartments or homeowner associations.

Not sure what's right for you?

Learn from Our Case Studies

Equipping Residential Apartments with Chargers for Everyday Charging

A leading construction company in Taiwan installed 700 sets of AC wall-mount chargers in 25 residential apartments to provide charging services to residents.

Ready to Start?

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