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Public Charging

Shorten the Time Get Back on the Road

Better Manage Public Charging Services with Cost Optimization


Add Greener Value to

Existing Business

Integrate EV charging into existing businesses such as petrol stations and utility services.


Dispatch Energy Efficiently

Combine energy storage and renewable energy into existing sites to optimize energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs.



Manage Charger and Energy Efficiency

Optimize operating costs by ensuring maximum availability of charging services as well as increased energy efficiency.

Our Recommendations

DC Wallbox
Available in NA, EMEA, TW, SEA, AU, JP
City Charger
Available in NA, EMEA, TW, SEA, AU, JP
Ultra Fast Charger
Available in EMEA
DeltaGrid® EVM
Public Product

EV Charging at Your Charging Station


25-200kW DC Fast Chargers

Meet the needs of different service levels

All of our DC fast chargers are designed to meet the charging requirements of parking spaces, charging stations, and intercity charging stations.


Fast Charging with Energy Storage System

Dispatch power flexibly while eliminate the impact on the grid

Public fast-charging stations with energy storage systems allow network operators and grid owners to dispatch power flexibly while ensuring low impact on the grid.

public application_feature_EV-Infrastruc

EV Infrastructure Management System

Maximize the profitability of charging networks

Providing charging sessions and energy management for distributed site management ensures high charging performance and availability.


High Efficiency with Low Standby Power

Ensure low operation and energy consumption costs

High AC/DC conversion efficiency and low standby power help operators to save on daily operation and electricity costs.


Future-Proof User Authentication

Enable membership and billing management

Our chargers provide interoperability with third-party transaction management systems by leveraging a built-in RFID reader and/or credit card reader. They are also ISO 15118-compliant for advanced user authentication.

Not sure what's right for you?

Learn from Our Case Studies


Delta integrated EV charging station into shop in Yokohama Japan

To serve the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), Delta has cooperated with Idemitsu, the second-largest petroleum company in Japan, to renovate the Idemitsu gas station in Yokohama as a New Business Model for charging stations.

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